The second part of our two part guest post from our friends at YUKO USA gives hair care advice for your newly straightened hair. You can read the initial post here

Caring for Your Straightened Hair

Most women value their hair and treat it with lots of care. It plays an important role in a woman’s life. Miss Yuko Yamashita had a mission to help all women with unruly hair. Loving your hair is the first step but maintaining your hair properly after the YUKO Hair Straightening is also crucial. Because Yuko Yamashita wants to see the smile on your face, we have provided you with helpful information on how to maintain your newly straight healthy hair.

What to Avoid

The first 48 hours of treating your hair with Yuko Hair Straightening are critical. The hair must not be washed or styled in any way, this allows the neutralizer to settle in properly. You want to avoid creating any creases or dents on the hair. Avoid tucking your hair in back of your ear, using hats, even a simple trip to the gym can affect your hair.

Hair Dying

Planning on dying your hair? It’s best to color the hair after two weeks with a gentle dye, like ammonia free or a semi-permanent hair dye done by a professional. If the hair has been previously bleached you should take more precaution since the solutions can react differently depending on the different peroxides on the hair, causing uneven results. Always consult with a professional for best results.

Shampoos and Treatments Just For You

Be careful on what shampoos you use after you have had your hair permanently straightened. Chemical treatments and dyes may weaken hair and make it more fragile and vulnerable to damage. YUKO has a home care line of hair products to best suite your hair needs.

Since most YUKO home care lines are sulfate free and contain “Aqua Gold” they help coat your newly healthy hair.

Hair and Culture

In the world of hair straightening technology has advanced, giving the opportunity to all women and men to have better control of their hair. Hair straightening is becoming more and more popular all over the globe, especially in the Middle East. Hair texture is very important in many cultures but many are adapting and finding Japanese Hair Straightening the best way to maintain healthy and manageable hair!

Special thanks to the YUKO Marketing Team for sharing this post! If you missed their first post on how Yuko Yamashita created the Japanese hair straightening process, you can read it here. To learn more about YUKO Hair Straightening or other products in the YUKO brand, visit their website at You can also follow them on the following social media accounts:


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  • Thank you! Am am very excited about this product. I have over processed, colored, dry, frizzy hair. Additionally, my hair is extremely long and blonde. Usually, when my hair is professionally blown out, it looks gorgeous and silky. When it’s left natural, I cannot get a comb through it. I am hoping this will make it luxurious.

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