Liscio hair straightening

We are excited to share this guest post on the Liscio Hair Straightening treatment by San Francisco stylist Blair Everett. As she mentions in her post, Blair has experience with three brands of thermal reconditioning, Yuko, Bio Ionic, and Liscio. In this post, she shares why Liscio is her personal favorite for satisfying clients. Liscio Hair Straightening… Read More


top flat irons 2016 hair straightener reviews

You spend a great deal of time, energy, and money trying to make sure that your hair is healthy and looking its best. So don’t blow it when picking out a flat iron! Picking out the wrong hair straightener can not only wreck your bank account, but can also do long lasting damage to your… Read More

dry hair reasons

Brittle.   Stiff.   Dry. Are these words you use to describe your hair? Dry hair can result from many sources (and we’ll look at those in just a minute). But regardless of the source, it can impact our attitude, mood, and even our self confidence. Don’t let that happen. They say an ounce of… Read More

caring for straightened hair japanese yuko

The second part of our two part guest post from our friends at YUKO USA gives hair care advice for your newly straightened hair. You can read the initial post here.  Caring for Your Straightened Hair Most women value their hair and treat it with lots of care. It plays an important role in a woman’s life. Miss… Read More