best japanese hair straightening reviews

Finding online reviews for services and products can be an overwhelming process. That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to bring you the best summary available of thermal reconditioning / Japanese hair straightening reviews. Read these perspectives, then share your own opinion in the comments! Desiree at Mommy Reporter I have really, really thick curly hair,… Read More


best blow dryers

So you have finally made the decision to retire the $20 blow dryer that you picked up a couple of years ago at your local drugstore, and to replace it with a higher quality model. That’s great! You have made the right decision. We can help you quickly sort through the best blow dryers available!… Read More

permanent hair straightening

Permanently straight hair has been the dream of many a woman who has faced the challenge of waking up every morning to get ready for work or school only to spend an hour or more washing, conditioning, blow drying, and straightening her hair. Think of the sleep that could be saved if so much time wasn’t required… Read More