Japanese hair straightening before after

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So you’ve gone to the salon and spent several hours (not to mention several dollars!) on your newly straightened hair. Before you go decide to go for a swim or take shower, keep in mind that moisture on your hair within 48 to 72 hours can have disastrous effects. Keep reading for more tips on caring for your newly straightened hair.

Moisture is Your Enemy

Following the Japanese hair straightening procedure, it is important to provide sufficient attention to your new look so that it stays the way you want it. Although you have left the salon, the neutralizer is still re-bonding the hair and would be disturbed by water as it needs continuous access to oxygen.

Washing your hair can be tempting, but avoid this at all costs since the reconditioning process takes quite some time to settle in.  Rain, humidity, or even a steamy shower are your enemies! Even perspiration from working out is a no no. Moisture can make parts of your hair do strange things and ruin all the time effort and money that went into your procedure.

If your hair does happen to accidentally get wet during this time, blow it dry with the dryer pointed down towards the ends of your hair. Keep it moving so that all the heat isn’t concentrated on one spot. Then gently iron the wet area at a low temperature (250 to 265 degrees Fahrenheit).

Avoid Pressure or Tension

Japanese Hair Straightening no pony tail

Don’t do this in the first week!

Your new hair needs to remain in as straight and natural position as possible. Don’t put it in a pony tail, wear a hat, or use a clip of any kind for the next 7 days. Even tucking your hair behind your ears can cause a bend.

If a crease does appear, take a flat iron and gently iron out the crease. Be sure to keep the iron moving to avoid damage from too much heat.

Shampooing & Blow Drying

To maintain a sleek hair-do, you need specially chosen shampoo and conditioners that work well with soft hair and will not cause excess damage with their chemical content. Avoid blow drying your hair for several days. Even after this phase it is always a good idea to use a thermal protector to shield hair from heat damage caused by hairdryers and flat irons. For even more amazing hair, use oil from time to time, to make hair more shiny and silky.

Thermal Reconditioning Touch Ups

Although thermal reconditioning is a permanent hair straightening technique, your hair will grow out over time. After six to nine months you will likely need a touch up to straighten the new growth. The time frame will depend upon how quickly your hair grows and the strength of its curl.

Wait before Coloring

After the procedure avoid coloring your hair for at least two weeks, as this can increase the tension on your already stressed hair. Your hair strands are delicate and need sufficient time to recover before they are altered once more.

Most professionals will conduct a strand test to determine your hair’s porosity and see whether coloring is advisable. If a stylist advises against coloring, take their advice. You’ll always be able to find someone who will take your money regardless of your best interests.  But coloring your hair before it’s ready can lead to months of regret!