We are excited to share this guest post on the Liscio Hair Straightening treatment by San Francisco stylist Blair Everett. As she mentions in her post, Blair has experience with three brands of thermal reconditioning, Yuko, Bio Ionic, and Liscio. In this post, she shares why Liscio is her personal favorite for satisfying clients.

Liscio Hair Straightening

I’m a stylist in San Francisco and I’ve been performing thermal reconditionings since 2005. I’m certified in 3 different types of thermal hair straightening and Liscio is by far my favorite.

There are a lot of reasons that I prefer Liscio. This product is wonderful to work with. It gives me the ability to control the strength of the formula which in turn gives me more control. I can make the strength extra mild and extra strong and everything in between.

Often the strength of the formula needs to be varied on different areas of the hair due to porosity issues and previous chemical services. For example, on hair that has had balayage highlights applied, the roots may need a strong to medium solution while the lighter ends may need an extra mild solution.

Liscio Protective Products

The protective products are also wonderful. There is a 4-step deep conditioning treatment which is built into the process and a thermal protection spray for the ends of the hair. There’s also a process stopper which can be applied to areas that may have finished processing faster than the rest of the hair.

None of the other brands supply all of these tools. This manufacturer really cares about keeping your hair healthy and vital. Shiny, healthy hair…that’s always the goal!

Versatility of Liscio Thermal Straightening

Another thing I love is the versatility that Liscio offers. By regulating the amount of heat and adjusting the processing time and formula strength we can turn it into a smoothing treatment that fades in 4 to 6 months WITHOUT using formaldehyde.

Not everyone wants a permanent result so this is a big deal.

We can also use it as a de-volumizer which relaxes the curl a little but de-frizzes your hair substantially as well as reducing the volume. As a permanent treatment, I can still leave some wave or curl or make it straight.

When used as a thermal straightening technique, you will still be able to curl your hair when you choose to. Also, it will still have body. The ability to curl your hair does not get eradicated like some of the other thermal reconditioning procedures result in.

How about all that for versatility? Liscio can (and will) address your particular desired outcome while leaving your hair healthy and vital. A+ for Liscio. It rocks!

Blair Everett Liscio hair straighteningLearn more about Liscio Hair Straightening at http://www.milbon-usa.com/product/liscio/.  Also be sure to check out their specially formulated shampoo and hair treatment cream formulated specially for hair that has been straightened with Liscio.

A big thank you to Blair for sharing with us from her wealth of knowledge and experience. Be sure to follow Blair on Facebook and Twitter and visit her website and blog at www.thermalreconditioningsf.com where she shares lots of other great information.

If you live in the San Francisco area and would like to reach out to her about setting up a consultation, just check out her listing in our Salon Directory!


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