Most people can be transformed into a work of art and beauty after only a few hours with their stylist. Even though hair is a big part of our lives, we are sometimes quick to change to a different look. But having all those chemicals applied to your hair can take its toll. That’s where the Olaplex Bond Multiplier, Bond Perfector, and Hair Perfector come in.

Olaplex’s three part system will help you further hair straightening or color changes without causing damage and breakage.

Olaplex Explained

Whether it is a color treatment, bleach, perm, straightener, heat styling, or even stress and tension, hair is easily damaged and needs restored. The tiny bonds that hold your hair together become damaged and broken. You can see it and feel it over time.

Olaplex can find this hidden damage, reinforce the bonds, and make your hair stronger, more flexible, and more resistant to damage in the future. It is a three part system which is gluten free, silicone free, sulfate free, and is never tested on animals.

The first two products are used in the salon.

Olaplex Bond Multiplier (No. 1) is directly mixed into your hair color. Then Bond Perfector (No. 2) is applied before a shampoo. Finally, the Hair Perfector (No. 3) is sent home with you to be used once per week.

You’ll be amazed at the difference in the health of your hair. Olaplex will connect broken bonds and strengthen your hair immediately.

Bonds that were created will not break even if you completely stop using this product. The connections created by Olaplex are permanent. The condition of your hair thereafter, will depend on how you treat your hair in the future.

Olaplex Bond Multiplier (No 1) Fixes Broken Bonds In Hair

Olaplex Bond Multiplier reconnects broken bonds in the hair. Hair bonds can be broken during hair dying, styling, treatments, bleaching, and the environment. Use Olaplex as a tool for helping to keep your color and hair looking great every day.

This bond multiplying system can rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair. This can be done before or after a chemical treatment. It is compatible with all hair types. It works by applying 3oz of bond multiplier with water to hair roots on dry or damp hair.

Olaplex Bond Perfector (No 2) Connects Remaining Bonds

This second step is necessary for the best results. The Bond Perfector is utilized for connecting remaining hair bonds to restore strength, structure, and integrity. It is for applying to the hair directly as a quick repair treatment. Olaplex No. 2 Bond Perfector is not a conditioning treatment or hair neutralizer.

Olaplex Hair Perfector (No 3)

The retail part of the Olaplex system, this contains the same active ingredient as the first two products. Olaplex No. 3, the Hair Perfector, enables you to repair and maintain strong, healthy hair between trips to the salon. It is the only product that should be used at home.

To use Olaplex Hair Protector at home follow these simple steps:

  • Applying generous amounts to towel dried hair
  • Comb through and leave on for at least 10 minutes
  • Rinse, shampoo, and condition

The longer this product is left on, the more effective it will work to strengthen your hair. It can be used more than once a week if necessary.

Where to Buy Olaplex

You can buy Olaplex Hair Protector on Amazon or at any partnering salon. Read the reviews on Amazon to hear the impact it has made for many buyers in their own words.

Olaplex Combined with Other Procedures

While Olaplex is often used when coloring hair, it may also be used for many other treatments.

Keratin Treatments

The Olaplex system can be used for keratin treatments. It will smooth and seal the cuticle. Your stylist will perform the Bond Strengthening service referenced above. Leave on for an additional 10 to 20 minutes. Then use a clarifying shampoo.


The system also works well with relaxers. Stylists will take the following steps:

  • Add No. 1 directly into a Relaxer product or Neutralizer
  • Rinse product from hair completely
  • Apply the Olaplex Bond Strengthening treatment
  • Mix with water and No. 1 Bond Multiplier and spray hair
  • Let soak for over 7 minutes
  • Without rinsing, liberally apply the No. 2 Bond Perfector and comb through completely

Japanese Hair Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning

If you are interested in thermal reconditioning, Olaplex can be combined with this hair treatment. Expect the following steps:

  • Begin with the standard Bond Strengthening service
  • Shampoo hair
  • Conduct thermal conditioning treatment
  • Rinse very well and wait 10 minutes
  • Condition only then towel dry
  • Use a flat iron
  • Apply Neutralizer for 10 minutes and rinse
  • After a quick towel dry, use No. 2 generously for at least 10 minutes
  • Give a light shampoo or condition and dry hair completely


Even perms can be helped by Olaplex. The perm will proceed with perm as normal up through neutralization. Then Olaplex will be applied. For hair that is badly compromised or over 40% highlighted, an Olaplex Bond Strengthening service should be given first.

Hair Coloring

This treatment can be completed at the same time as color, highlights, or bleach. The Bond Multiplier is added to a color or bleach formula. Olaplex Bond Perfector is applied after rinsing. It is a protective treatment that will keep your hair from becoming damaged or compromised in the first place.

Reparative Treatment

This can be done independently, as a pre-treatment, or as a restorative after treatment. Olaplex Bond Multiplier will be used to repair any damage currently to hair bonds or links.

Protective and Reparative Dual Treatment

If you really want to give damaged hair the most intense therapy, you can do both treatments. This involves the three steps described above with all three products.

By utilizing Olaplex Bond Multiplier, you protect hair from being damaged during the process of bleaching or coloring. After the protective treatment, the reparative treatment will strengthen hair that has been damaged by previous chemical treatments, heat, stress, tension, and from other sources.

Olaplex Hair Perfector is then used at home once a week, to enhance and extend your results between appointments to the salon.

Stand Alone Treatments

While Olaplex works great with almost any type of hair treatment, it can also be used as a stand alone treatment. Using Olaplex Bond Multiplier and Bond Perfector by themselves can help to repair and rebuild broken and damaged hair.

Olaplex with this single formula ingredient will revolutionize coloring and bleaching services in the hair care industry. It will help restore hair to a beautiful, shining, vibrancy that is unmatched by other products.

The chemistry and logical steps to the process ensure that broken bonds and badly damaged hair can be restored. This product may be the new standard of treatment in the hair care industry.

Have you had Olaplex as a part of a hair procedure? Tell us how it worked for you in the comments below.



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