The value of using a heat protectant for hair is well documented online. Thermal protectant sprays and oils can enable you to use heat to style your hair without damage.

But we know that some of you prefer a life lived on the edge. You zig when everyone else zags. You move to the beat of your own drum.

This list is for you.

Here are the five best reasons NOT to use a heat protectant for your hair.

#1) You love split ends.

We humans have many methods of coping with stress. Some of us bite our nails, pick at our eyebrows or drink adult beverages. Some of us have found cutting out split ends to have a soothing effect. (Check out this message thread on Vogue). If you’re a split end lover, don’t go close to a thermal protectant!

Heat protectants for hair will drastically cut down on the frequency of split ends, robbing you of your natural coping mechanism.

#2) The heating element in your hair dryer is broken and you’re too cheap to replace it.

heat protectant for hairWe get it. Times are hard. Your blow dryer still blows air. It just isn’t hot air. You have better things to spend your money on than replacing a working appliance. Those triple shot, white chocolate, skinny lattes aren’t going to pay for themselves.

Well, buy another one because there’s no need to blow money on Ecru Acacia Protein Oil until your brother living overseas comes through with another Amazon gift card for your birthday and you can finally replace that hair dryer.

But when you are ready for a new hair dryer, check out our list of the 5 best under $100.

#3) You’ve found a way to magically repair heat damaged hair.

If this is you, congratulations! You’ll soon be featured on the cover of Modern Salon for your revolutionary discovery. Not only will you be able to market this magical healing method world wide, you’ve also dealt a blow to the market for heat protectants for hair.

Wait, what’s that? You’re not a magician? Heat damage can only be treated, not repaired? Oh. In that case, you might want to invest in a thermal spray.

#4) Your hair is way too moist.

If you struggle with too much moisture in your hair, a thermal protectant may be a mistake. Maybe you moonlight as a mermaid or find yourself walking through sprinkler systems on a regular basis.

Whatever the reason, avoid a heat protectant for hair! Products like Alterna’s Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Heat Protectant Spray will prevent your heat styling products from removing more of that evil moisture.

All jokes aside, it is possible to go overboard moisturizing your hair. Check out this post to learn more.

#5) You never need to use heat to style your hair.

doll hairSome of you are blessed with eternally perfect hair. You wake up with every strand in its ideal location. Humidity is powerless against the sheer force of your follicles. Why would you ever need to use a hair dryer, straightener, or curling iron?

This heat protectant for hair solves a problem that you just don’t have.

The Best Heat Protectants for Hair

For the nonconformists out there, we hope this list empowers your inner rebel. For the rest of us, a heat protectant for hair is essential! You can find a few of our favorites below.

Living Proof Restore Instant Protection

Living Proof’s Instant Protection Spray defends against the trifecta of heat styling, UV rays, and humidity.

It’s a great everyday solution for a handful of life’s annoying problems.

View Living Proof reviews & pricing

Joico Heat Set Blow Dry Perfecting Crème

This detangling, defrizzing, heat protecting creme will set you up for an amazing hair styling experience!
View Joico reviews & pricing

Hot Toddy Heat Protector Frizz Fighter

Drybar’s Hot Toddy Heat Protector will save your hair from temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This lotion is great for all types of hair and will also fight off UVA and UVB rays.
View Hot Toddy reviews & pricing

If you’ve got a reason to use a heat protectant, these are some of the best. Share your favorite thermal protectant in the comments.


2 comments on “The 5 Best Reasons NOT to Use a Heat Protectant for Hair

  • The best heat protectant I have ever used is the GKhair ThermalStyleHer. It seals some moisture into the hair making and strengthens each hair strand before blow drying. Best against heat prior to styling. Terrific stuff. I’d highly recommend this very heat protectant to everyone who wants to protect his/her hair during blow drying. 🙂 <3

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