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Desiree at Mommy Reporter

I have really, really thick curly hair, so I knew that getting this treatment done would be a challenge for any hairdresser. And I will be honest, I literally spent all day at the salon getting this done. She started on me at about 9:30 a.m. and I didn’t walk out of the salon until 5:30 p.m. Crazy, I know…

Yuk hair straightening before and after

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Desiree describes herself as a “‘mixed chick,’ half Hawaiian-half Black,” saying that managing her hair has been a perpetual struggle throughout her life. Her decision to get thermal reconditioning came at a painful time in her life when she wanted to make a major change. Read her story at

Brand Reviewed: YUKO



Liz at Forever in Blue Jeans

Japanese hair straightening reviews before after

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For the past seven years, twice a year, I drive an hour and a half to a little Asian salon and sit there for five hours while they do that magic they do.

Liz offers a perspective for “women in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond who don’t feel their age.” From her before and after pic, you can see the dramatic change that Liscio straightening made for her hair type.

She describes her natural hair as “thick, coarse, frizzy, wavy, curly and unmanageable.” Thermal reconditioning made such a difference for her that she was willing to drive an hour and a half twice a year for the procedure.

Brand Reviewed: Liscio



Katie at La Jolla Mom

My normal hair and humidity are the worst combination ever. I function and look better when it’s pin straight…

If you love travel, parenting, or both, you’ll love Katie Dillon’s take. A luxury travel writer living in La Jolla, California, Katie offers a review of Japanese straightening in comparison to Brazilian keratin treatments. Be sure to check out the comments as well!

Brand Reviewed: iStraight



Blair at Thermal Reconditioning SF

After my Bio Ionic Retex (re-texturizing) treatment, I could feel my smooth, shiny layers all moving independently as I tossed my head. It felt great.

As a stylist in San Fransisco, Blair has experience with several brands of thermal straightening products. After having performed the procedure on clients for 9 years, she finally had it done for herself.

Also check out her post comparing the Bio Ionic and YUKO thermal reconditioning treatments and her behind the scenes look at a YUKO training event from a few years ago.
Brand Reviewed: Bio Ionic

Elaine from dear-elaine

I highly recommend getting Japanese hair straightening if your hair is unmanageable and curly and are looking for a way to avoid flat ironing everyday. I’m now in love with my hair again for the first time in many, many years!

Want to see lot’s of pictures to go along with a review? Elaine’s story comes with lot’s of pics to give you a feel for her hair from before the procedure through the week following it. Check out her review to read and see her perspective.

Brand Reviewed: Liscio



Makeup Alley User – dietcokecan

I really recommend avoiding washing your hair harsh shampoos and also also avoiding products with silicones (ex. anti-frizz serum, heat protector spray) because in order to remove build-up, you’ll have to use sulfate shampoos that will strip the hair and leave it dry and more susceptible to damage.

If you prefer reviews written by someone other than a blogger, check out this review on Makeup Alley. This in depth review from user, dietcokecan, comes from a wealth of personal experience. She also offers several recommendations for shampoos, conditioners, and protein treatments.

Brand Reviewed: Not Specified



Makeup Alley User – Sharyg1

To be fair, I didn’t do much research before getting the treatment done. I wen’t to a good salon but don’t think they had enough experience with the treatment; even though they had many pictures of clients who had it done…So if you are going to do it, do your homework and get the best of the best to work on your hair.

Although it’s not hard to find negative reviews on Yelp or other review sites, they rarely make great blog posts. We include this review from Makeup Alley in our list as a representative of those reviews by people who have had bad experiences with Japanese hair straightening. It’s a reminder of the importance of doing your homework to find a good stylist before getting the procedure done.

Our Salon Directory includes only salons that have the approval of their various brands they offer. Read our list of questions for stylists to get some advice on what questions to ask a potential stylist before making your decision.

Brand Reviewed: Not Specified





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