You spend a great deal of time, energy, and money trying to make sure that your hair is healthy and looking its best. So don’t blow it when picking out a flat iron!

Picking out the wrong hair straightener can not only wreck your bank account, but can also do long lasting damage to your hair.  We’ve gotten the band back together to help guide you through the complex world of flat irons. And unlike the early 90’s boy bands that are currently touring, our team actually has some excellent new material for you.

If you missed the wonderful work they did for us on hair dryers, be sure to check it out.

Hair Straightener Reviews

All of the hair straighteners that made our “final five” top flat irons are excellent options. Our rankings and hair straightener reviews will help you decide which one is the right choice for you and your hair.

#1) BaByLiss Pro Porcelain Plate (average price $40)

Once you start using this baby you won’t want to put it in a corner….or a cabinet. The BaByLiss Pro Porcelain Plate earns the top spot among a very crowded field for its overall quality and versatility.

While many high end flat irons are specialized and are really only recommended for certain types of hair, the BaByLiss Pro tested well with all types of hair.  It has 4 inch long porcelain ceramic plates and boasts an extraordinarily fast warmup time.  With temperature control up to 450 degrees, even heating, and an 8 foot swivel cord, you will not be disappointed in this high quality option.

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#2) Remington S9520 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener (average price $30)

After using the Remington S9520 you will likely find yourself trying to crush your grandmother’s pearls so that you can “pearl infuse” everything in your life.  The 2 inch wide pearl infused plates give this hair straightener an unmatched silky smooth glide. (A 1 inch version is available also.)

While effective for all types of hair we found this straightener to be best suited for long thick hair.  Like our top choice, this product also has a 450 degree top temperature and a fast warmup time.  Additionally, its light weight, has a digital temperature display, and an automatic shutoff.

If a smooth glide is what you are looking for, then look no further.

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#3) HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron (average price $40)

As a long time “Top Seller” on Amazon our expectations for this product were extremely high. For the most part the HSI Professional flat iron did not disappoint.

The 1 inch solid tourmaline plates were impressive and like our top choice this product really seemed to do a great job regardless of hair type.  While its top temperature comes in at 410 degrees (compared to the 450 mark set by our top two choices) this was more than enough to handle everything that we threw its way.

The swivel cord is convenient and we found the bonus heat glove they include to be a nice touch.  The lack of an auto shutoff was our only ding against this flat iron.

If you decide to join the thousands of people who are currently using and loving this hair straightener we don’t think you will be disappointed.

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#4) XTAVA Professional Infrared Flat Iron with Tourmaline (average price $40)

top flat ironDo not be thrown by the fact that this XTAVA offering came in fourth in our rankings. This is a fantastic flat iron and a very economical option for your hair straightening needs.

We loved the 2 inch floating plate and found that it allowed for some serious time savings.  Like all of the offerings on our list, the XTAVA was extremely fast heating.  The 8 foot swivel cord was a nice feature, and we were impressed by the loops attached for easy hanging while the unit cools.  This hair straightener has a high quality temperature regulation system and taps out on the top end at 445 degrees.

Our only complaint with this unit was in the side placement of the temperature controls.  We loved the controls themselves, but if you have large fingers it is possible to bump the temperature controls while straightening.

All around, for the price, we found this to be a quality flat iron.  Hair that is soft and straight was the goal, and that was exactly what we found here.

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#5) Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic (average price $25)

In many ways this hair straightener is the little sister to the S9520 that took the second slot in our rankings. But this younger sibling is quickly making a name for herself.

Boasting the lowest price point of our “Final Five” top flat irons, this smaller unit offers many of the same features as the other units on our list at a lower price.

Like the S9520 you will find the same pearl infusion only in a smaller one inch, floating plate.  This flat iron’s top temperature is 400 degrees and it gets there in a hurry.  We found the temperature control lock to be a nice little feature as is the auto shutoff.

The 3 year warranty from Remington also gave us a warm fuzzy feeling, which was a nice bonus to go along with our silky straight hair.  We found this hair straightener to offer a very similar glide to its big sister, but the smaller plates did add some time to the process.

If you are looking for a high quality, economical option, or if you just prefer a smaller hair straightener then the Remington S9500PP is the route you need to take.

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Do Your Top Flat Irons Match Our Selections?

There you have our best hair straightener reviews for 2016. We feel confident that one of these top flat irons will meet your hair straightening needs for a long time!

Is there a hair straightener that you love that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments below.


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