We are excited to share part one of a two part guest post from our friends at YUKO USA! The first post is on the origins of the YUKO Straightening System and its founder Yuko Yamashita. You can look forward to part two in a few weeks!

YUKO Hair Straightening

Yuko Yamashita created YUKO Hair Straightening in Japan of 1996. Growing up with her sister and mom, whenever visiting the beauty salon, she noticed how they were never 100% satisfied with their hair. Yuko Yamashita, being a stylist and salon owner, wanted to make hair management easier. So she joined Phiten, a Japanese sports health and Beauty Company, and together they created YUKO Hair Straightening.

After the success of Yuko System, Miss Yuko decided to bring the straightening system to the USA in 1999. The first YUKO Salon was established in Beverly Hills, California. Academy Training was created giving the opportunity to any licensed cosmetologist across the US to learn hands-on how the YUKO Hair Straightening worked. Even after 16 Years, when Yuko was first introduced, the system is still going and loved all around the world.

How Has The YUKO Technique Developed?

Yuko Yamashita hair straighteningYuko Yamashita first attempted to create her own original perm solution. After two years of researching she succeeded in creating the first perm solution. She thought perming the hair on damaged colored hair would create hair loss, but she found out that her original perm solutions actually did the opposite, instead improving both hair quality and the finish. People were very satisfied with the results. It was later introduced to the market as “Yuko Hair Straightening System” worldwide.

What makes YUKO Unique?

What makes YUKO Hair Straightening more special than any other system is our main ingredient “Aqua Gold”. It is a finish product that forms when water molecules combine with gold molecules through the process of liquid causing chemicals to react. Adding “Aqua Gold” into the solution makes the water 100% active. Aqua Gold becomes Colloidal gold when mixed with water. This type of gold helps deliver the ingredients better into the hair.

Aqua Gold Yuko hair straighteningThat’s more than 70%-80% advantage over other hair products that only use plain water, insuring that the solution penetrates every strand. How is that possible? Every molecule is bonded with gold molecule at their sub-micrometer level. Most Yuko products contain Aqua Gold, and you can identify it with the small logo on the product that says “Aqua Gold”.

Today, Yuko Hair Straightening is widely used in beauty schools and across the globe such as Mexico, Singapore, Middle East, Israel, Europe, Australia and the USA. YUKO has a broad range of home care and professional products, to help you maintain the straightening and health of your hair!

Special thanks to the YUKO Marketing Team for sharing this post! Look for part two in a few weeks. If you would like to learn more about YUKO Hair Straightening or other products in the YUKO brand, visit their website at www.yuko-usa.com. You can also follow them on the following social media accounts:


One comment on “The Beginning of YUKO Hair Straightening

  • After using Liscio Crystal straightening treatment within four months or when my hair has grown out an inch or more can I apply the Yuko straightening system to my new growth? If yes>> should the stylus still need to apply the protection cream on the rest of my hair that has been treated with the liceo before applying the Yuko straightening cream? Is there a protective cream made by Yuko The stylish should put on my previously treated hair?

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