So you have finally made the decision to retire the $20 blow dryer that you picked up a couple of years ago at your local drugstore, and to replace it with a higher quality model.

That’s great! You have made the right decision. We can help you quickly sort through the best blow dryers available!

Perhaps your old model stopped working, or maybe you simply became frustrated with the frizzy aftermath formerly known as “your hair” after drying with your old blow dryer for an extended period of time.  Whatever the reason for your change, we have everything that you need to help with the next step in the process.

As you are likely aware, a blow dryer can range in price from your bargain basement $19.99 variety to well over $200.00 for a professional level model.  Within those extremes we have selected our five best blow dryers for under $100. All of the models on our list are of an extremely high quality and will be a major upgrade from your recently retired hair dryer.

Through our extensive research we have put together the following list of best blow dryers for your benefit.

#1  Rusk W8less (Average price $75)

For our money, the Rusk W8less takes top honors.

Its senior superlative would have undoubtedly been “Best All Around.” The 2000 Watts that are packed into this blow dryer are more than enough to meet any and all of your hair care needs. With 7 heat and speed settings (including cold shot) this is a truly versatile device.

It has a cleanable screen filter, an 8 ft. cord, and a ceramic grill infused with tourmaline.  And Rusk has managed to package all of this in a blow dryer that only weighs around a pound (A huge benefit to those who suffer from shoulder ailments).

Frizz-less hair and shorter dry times await you if you go with the Rusk W8less.

View reviews & pricing for the Rusk W8less

#2 BaByliss Pro BABNT5548 (Average Price $60)

BaByliss offers several high quality products that contended for spots on our list, but ultimately the Pro BABNT5548 separated itself from the pack.

This device is also extremely lightweight (1.8 lbs), but does weigh in a bit heavier than our top choice. It offers three heat settings along with two speed settings,  is made from Nano Titanium, and has the same 2000 Watt power found in the Rusk W8less at a lower price point.

All around a fantastic choice for your hair care needs that consistently gets great reviews from users.

View reviews & pricing on the Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 

#3 Elchim 2001 HP (Average Price $80)

While bringing home the bronze might be extremely disappointing in the Olympics, with all of the blow drying choices out there, it is extremely impressive to snag the third spot on our list.

This award winning dryer from Elchim is manufactured in Milan Italy and offers a litany of things to love.  It is the second lightest dryer on our list weighing  just over a pound (1.1 lbs), has a cord that is just under 9 ft, 3 temperature/2 speed settings, and offers extremely fast drying times.

The vast majority of users have raved about this device with the only common complaint being that it can’t compete with the likes of the Whisper Light when it comes to sound.  So yes, it will sound like you are using a blow dryer when you use this device, but your hair?  Amazing.

View reviews & pricing on the Elchim 2001HP

#4 Conditioning Dryer Whisper Light (by Bio Ionic)  (Average Price $90)

best blow dryers bio ionic The Whisper Light is aptly named.

By far the quietest running blow dryer on our list.  If your former dryer would not only wake up your spouse sleeping in the next room, but also several neighbors and their dogs, then this is likely the right blow dryer for you. With nanolonic hybrid mineral technology this device delivers a consistently high quality drying experience without the deafening roar.

It has Dual removable filters, variable heat settings (with a cool shot button), and a 5 year product warranty.  While the highest priced dryer on our list, the corresponding best warranty left us feeling safe, warm, and fuzzy (with soft shiny hair or course).

View reviews & pricing on the Conditioning Dryer Whisper Light

#5 Rusk CTC Lite Dryer (Average Price $60)

best blow dryers rusk ctc lite In many ways the little sister to our top choice the Rusk W8less, but don’t be fooled by the “Lite” title, this dryer actually weighs in a little heavier than its more expensive counterpart (2.2 pounds).

It is a bit lighter on power with only 1900 Watts, but does offer 7 heat settings and the great quality associated with Rusk products. It also gives users a ceramic grill infused with titanium, a 9ft cord, and a tidy little 2-year warranty.

If you were scared away by the price of our top choice, this might just be the model for you.  Users rave over it, and we are certain that you will too.

View reviews & pricing on the Rusk CTC Lite Dryer

Well there you have it! Our list of five best blow dryers for under $100, with the Rusk W8less taking the top spot. Do you have a favorite hair dryer that didn’t make our list?


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